Open Source Shirts 1

Three years ago, I blogged about my quest to make the ultimate shirt. I blogged up to actually making the shirt, and then I stopped writing. It’s not that I didn’t actually make the shirt, or stop working on my quest for the ultimate shirt, it was my perfectionism.

I looked at the shirt and I saw the imperfections. I wanted to fix them before I posted, show how I fixed them. And then life happened and I didn’t have time or desire to post. Nothing bad or tragic, just different priorities. Sick kids, moving, job changes. Life.

Also, my picture of what the ultimate shirt has changed somewhat. I not only want the shirt to look good, but I want it to be as open source as possible. How do you open source a shirt? It’s hardware, and doesn’t have code. Well, that’s the challenge. I’ll explain it in later posts.

For now, I’m going to re-post my old “The Making of a Shirt” in this blog. I’ll continue on where that left off.