Yor Linux – Shutting Down

I’m going to mothball Yor Linux.  I’ve backed up everything.  At the beginning of May I’m going to start cleaning up the repo’s and websites.

There are three main reasons that I’m doing this.

1 – I’ve proved to myself (and hopefully others) that a single person can still create their own RHEL Clone.  I’ve had a blast.  It was fun figuring out everything from infrastructure to building problem packages.  I feel that I’ve met all my goals that I set for myself.

2 – I looked at my user and website stats.  To say they were low would be exaggerating.  I believe I had one other user, and I’ve already talked to him.  My Hawaiian shirt reviews on my blog get about 1000% more visits than then entire yorlinux.org site.

3 – Bad hackers.  yorlinux.org has somehow gotten into some hacking database and gets hundreds (sometimes thousands) of hack attempts every day.  It’s really juts a matter of time before something happens like what happened to Mint.  I need to either constantly keep up the security fight, or bring everything down.  I can’t just leave my stuff up for others.

I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words as I’ve worked on Yor Linux over the years.  Like I said, I had a blast.  It was fun.  But it’s time to say good bye for now.

This is a repost from the Yor Linux blog.

Yor Linux

I must apologize for the delays in my Hawaiian shirt reviews.  I’ve been working on a project called Yor Linux that has been taking more time than I anticipated.

Yor Linux is another Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) recompiled distribution.  That means that I take the source code from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and recompile it.  I can then use the resulting binaries any way that I want to. It’s the same thing I was doing (with others) to create Scientific Linux.

Why am I doing it.  For several reasons, but the biggest is that I really enjoy doing it.  It’s fun for me.  I’m also doing things a bit different, because it’s mine and I can.  One thing that will be different with be the 64 bit build (x86_64).  RHEL has always have a combination of 64 and 32 bit binaries in the same distribution, but only a select few 32 bit binaries.  Mine will be just 64 bit by itself, and 32 bit by itself.  If you want 32 bit binaries in your 64 bit installation, you will be able to set that up, but you will get all of the 32 bit binaries, not just a handful.

Anyway, I’m finding Yor Linux taking more of my time than I expected, and my hawaiian shirt reviews were one of the things suffering because of it.