The Making of a Shirt Part 1

Originally Posted on June 24, 2016

I’ve decided it’s time to document my latest hobby. Making my ultimate shirt.

Casual Tux and Penguins

Many people might think this is my ultimate shirt. After all, it’s got Casual Tux on it, it’s purple, and to be honest, it looks awesome. But it is only my phase one shirt. My brother, who ran Kokopelli Shirts, made this for me. His friend created the design, my brother bought the fabric, his seamstress sewed the shirt. Vola’, an awesome shirt.

Shirt and Tie Even looks good with a tie.

But I have a picture in my head of my ultimate shirt. The front will be a nice Hawaiian shirt, and the back will have a large Casual Tux sitting in the middle.

These series of blogs will step you through my process of creating that shirt. It’s still not finished, so at some point we’ll go on the journey together.