The Making of a Shirt Part 6

Sep 2, 2019

Final Product

Three years to write Part 6. It’s not that it took me three years to have the shirt created. It was my perfectionism kicking in. There were several things about the shirt that only I could see. But since I could see them, that is what I saw. It stopped me from writting my final piece for a period of time.

Ordering Fabric

I ordered my fabric from Spoonflower. I ordered the Kona® Cotton Ultra. This fabric is no longer available from Spoonflower. …

The Making of a Shirt Part 5

Jun 22, 2019

Originally Posted on August 27, 2016


Fabric is where the digital meets the real world. It’s also something I’m still learning about. My brother told me that he got his customized fabric from SpoonFlower. I later found that Zazzle also sold customized fabric.

I learned from my brother that you have to get samples of your patterns on the fabric. What you see on a computer screen isn’t exactly what you get on fabric.

Which Fabric – SpoonFlower

SpoonFlower has a …

The Making of a Shirt Part 4

Jun 22, 2019

Originally Posted on July 18, 2016


With all my flowers and leaves done, it was time to put it all together into a pattern. I wanted to combine the styles of two Hawaiian shirts that I had. The first has a wide stripe of white and grey flowers around the body, the other has a medium sized picture on the back.

Tiling Tool – Inkscape

Before I could make any pattern, I had to determine which tool to use to make wrap around tiles. These are pattern tiles where the …

The Making of a Shirt Part 3

Jun 22, 2019

Originally Posted on July 13, 2016


Although Hibiscus flowers look good, they don’t look right without some types of leaves. I did alot of investigation into real Hibiscus leaves, as well as what people use in their pictures. I knew I needed at least three different leaves, but I found I could vary those leaves in more ways than I could the flowers.


My first leave was possibly the hardest. I wanted the leaf to look alot like a real Hibiscus leaf, with lots of …

The Making of a Shirt Part 2

Jun 22, 2019

Originally Posted on July 2, 2016



Although I love Casual Tux, his flowers are rather simplistic and not Hawaiian. After looking at many Hawaiian shirts I settled on the Hibiscus flower. It was the most common, and looked like I could draw it if I just went one step at a time. I also determined that I needed three different flowers for variety. My final criteria was that it had to be in svg (vector) format. This allows me to scale them to whatever size I need. …