Two Years at Red Hat

Do you still enjoy working at Red Hat?
Has the enviroment changed after the novelty wore off?

Yes, I still love working at Red Hat.
I no longer wake up, surprised to find myself working at Red Hat, so in that sense, the novelty has worn off.
But, even after two years, the Red Hat culture still feels like a custom fit to me.

Do you still like working on OpenShift?

The team has grown quite a bit, but it is still an awesom team to work with. There is the occasional disagreement over an issue here or there. But everyone looks at the real goal, and works out the best way to do it.
Besides the great people to work with, I really like that OpenShift has transformed into a three pronged project. OpenShift Origin has all the source code out there if you want to set up your own OpenShift infratructure on your own. OpenShift Enterprise let’s you setup up your own OpenShift instrastructure with our help and support. And then OpenShift Online, for those who just want to use it, ready made.

Any interesting stories to tell?

It’s always interesting having people from Sales contact me, asking for the inside scoop on RHEL clones. Even though I work for Red Hat, I still feel the same about RHEL clones. I feel RHEL should be used in your production enviroments and/or when you need support. But you should use Scientific Linux in your testing and/or development enviroments. They never like to hear that, and they rarely contact me again. My Red Hat is off to the one sales guy who not only contacted me again, but allowed me to speak to their customer.