Open Source Summit North America 2019

Sep 12, 2019

Troy goes to OpenSource Summit North America 2019

Troy at Red Hat booth

I went to OpenSource Summit North America in San Diego, California this year. It was also at the same time and place as the Embedded Linux Conference North America. As with past OSS and LinuxCon’s, there was no separation of events. It just means that there were a lot of talks/tutorials/presentations geared towards Embedded Linux and IoT.

I worked at the booth part time again this year. I enjoy working at the …

Linuxfest NorthWest 2019

May 24, 2019

Troy goes to LinuxFest NorthWest 2019

Troy at fedora booth

I went to LinuxFest NorthWest this year. This is a conference that I’ve heard about for many years, but never been able to go to. Mainly because I used to live in Illinois, a long way from Bellingham, Washington. But, now I live in Washington, and even though it’s six hours away, that’s not too bad. I also signed up to help Jeff Fitzmaurice with the Fedora booth. Jeff is a Fedora ambassador for the Seattle / …